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Please consider making a donation to keep our group and community work going strong. Your donation will go toward funding our service in the prisons as well as the general upkeep of the Sangha right at home. Thank You!

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Earn money for our zendo by shopping Amazon Smile

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Why Donate to Southern Palm Zen Group:

A Special Message….
Important for the Sustenance of the Southern Palm Zen Group

From the Blue Cliff Record:
A monk asked Master Yunmen, “ What are the teachings of a whole lifetime?
Yunmen sadi, “An appropriate act.”

A Dogen scholar was recently asked what he felt was the most important part of Dogen’s teaching. The scholar/teacher replied “Sangha.”

For me, the beauty of Sangha lies in the opportunity to live in “belongingness.” When I look at many of the reasons that could arise for practice, the one that always stands out is this connection to participating in the world with others who are traveling in the same direction wherever they are.

You sustain this “belongingness” through your participation in the dharma/practice aspects of the Sangha and your financial support.

Our rent at the UU is nearly $12,000 annually. We have other ongoing expenses not least of which is support of visiting teachers, administration and supplies. Our prison program for 2018 required over $15,000 to accomplish its goals, which are to mail a monthly teaching newsletter to nearly 500 inmates, to provide Buddhist books and related reading materials to inmates, to furnish altar supplies for inmate sanghas, and so support the efforts of volunteers who visit inside to teach meditation and mindfulness practices to interested inmates.

In the spirit of Master Yunmen, examine for yourself what an “appropriate act” would be to allow our activities to continue.  You can donate by making a year-end donation  or indicating that you will be making regular contributions during the year.

A PayPal link is below and contribution forms are available at the zendo. The Southern Palm Zen Group is a non-profit 501(C-3) corporation so donations are deductible.

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