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Welcome to our “From Behind the Fence” page. Here we  feature art & writings of our prison sangha members and general information about what we do inside.


Waking from the Dream

From somewhere in the distance, a slight push on my shoulder.The way my body moves under the force of it.

Just enough understanding to know some’s amiss, from the unconscious bliss I’m bathing in.

Persistently steady, the pressure increases, an urgency I cannot decipher. Pulling me closer & ever closer to the surface.

What draws me or who’s drawn, who lets go or what holds on – I don’t know.

A light I cannot see surrounds me, grows brighter, dispelling the nebulous darkness.

The horizon looks familiar – reminds me of wonderment. Gates open into the dawn of remembrance, illuminating what is already known.

Then suddenly – I’m awake.



Palms Together in Truth by L.L.

My mind is clear… My heart content… A breeze touches my consciousness At one with acute awareness I sit purely amongst the chaos of gathering clouds. My  mind is clear… My heart content… As the clouds darken and the rain Starts to pour, dampening my skin I sit, at one with all that is… Pure, […]

Dharma Pets City Pound by Jozan

Dharma Pets by Jozan

A Dharma Friend is always there for you! One never knows what this moment will bring (So be patient!) by Jozan  

An Homage of a Homely Heaven by Ryan L

I bow, in reverence, to nothing special  because it’s profound the depth of forever experienced right now a crooked smile an ocean of bliss nothing special (al -dee-dah) just this trusting the grace of invisible sunlight by embracing what is (an homage to a homely heaven) Author: Ryan L, but the words just fell out […]

Being One With Buddha

Dharma Pets created by Jozan Prison Ministry member

Dharma Cat Cartoon #5 by Jozan

Dharma Pets by Jozan #2

Dharma Pets by Jozan #1


A Poem by Horaku

Question and Answer I ask the Silent Self About myself The Answer Echoes back…. Everyone Else is Manifesting Everyone else… A simple answer From the Silent Self That knows and smiles…. I Am Love. Everything is Me without me Expressing itself As me… To be Everything and Nothing is to be the completeness that is…. […]

Gratitude from Inside

I received this letter a few days ago and I wanted to share it with our extended sangha. We just never know how our attempts to bring the dharma to incarcerated men and women will unfold, but I am convinced that our good intentions and consistent efforts do manifest in positive ways. Your continued support […]

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